Campus Guardian Program


*Antibacterial Coating Service : Quantum Antimicrobial Technology can provide a long-lasting 365days coating and disinfection function

Certification popularization programme: Low Bacteria Campus 

Protected campus certification

Once you select our coating service, your school logo will be shown on our website.

Our globally recognized certification shows to parents, teachers and students alike that the campus

has already been protected by our patented Quantum Antibacterial Technology (QAT) Coating,

which can also show that your campus really cares for the health of all staff.

Certified campus

Campus Guardian Program reference

Daily cleaning & disinfection does not damage the performance

    ✅Harmless and no release substance.

✅Environmentally friendly and safe materials   ✅Can be used on different material surfaces

   ✅No Alcohol  ✅Long-lasting for 365days

Free seminar

airDefender will hold a free health-related lecture for the school who joined our program.

Schools can choose from lecturers ranging from Licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Professional, Fitness Trainer,

Registered Family Doctor, Nutritionist, etc.  The Topic of the Talk can be designed to surround health improvement,

and epidemic prevention and can be scheduled based on school needs.

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*Service price depends on the actual area of ​​the school

**Existing customer can enjoy discount by referring other schools or clients. Call us for more information.

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