Hong Kong Local Coating Projects

airDefender joined hand with our partnering company in Hong Kong and started this voluntary project in August 2020, which aimed to coat all Hong Kong taxis with airDefender Quantum Antimicrobial Technology to provide a safe, and low bacteria transit experience to Hong Kong citizens.

The airDefender coating acts as a protection against germs, bacteria and virus, including the current COVID-19 virus, and inhibit the growth of them on the surface where it is coated. The TiO2 coating, because of its Quantum Antimicrobial Technology applied and its nature, does not react with normal cleaning detergents and sanitizing alcohol, so it does not sacrifice the daily cleaning routine one would apply.

All the service was voluntary and free of charge. At the end, over 7000 taxis in Hong Kong were coated with airDefender 365-day Quantum Antimicrobial Technology , including red (Hong Kong and Kowloon Taxis), green (New Territories Taxis) and blue (Lantau Taxis) taxis.

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airDefender™ has become one of the fastest growing products and service in the antiviral and antibacterial market today.

While the public health is a major global concern these days, many local restaurants, recreational parks, schools, offices, shopping centers, clinics, daycare centers, etc., are looking for alternatives to protect their users. airDefender has serviced over hundreds of commerical projects including day care centers, elderly centers, football schools, clincis, management companies and NGOs.

Special tailor-made packages are offered to NGOs, schools, welfare organizations, etc. For any venue with size over 10,000 sq. ft., it usually takes half day to one day for our team to complete the entire project. Venues can be used immediately after spraying. No alcohol content and no residue would remain from our solution and no evacuation of residents is needed. Contact us for more information about our Quantum Antimicrobial Technology and for quotation.

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Catering Industries

Catering and Hospitality industry serves hundreds and thousands of guests a day. Disinfection and a long-lasting antibacetial anti-viral protection is cruical for protecting the guests and the owners alike. A thorough cleaning, disinfection and long-lasting coating protection will increase client’s confidence towards the restaurants, venues alike.

airDefender’s Quantum Antimicrobial Technology has covered lots of restaurants, bars and hotels during the pandemic and acts as a remedial measures for many. Our renowned clients include and not limited to: Green (Hotel Icon), Above & Beyond (Hotel Icon), The Market (Hotel Icon), Bakebe baking center, Mak Man Kee Noodles, etc.

Standard Coating procedures:

One-time disinfection (Optional on request only)

Long-lasting antibacterial antiviral coating spraying

Venues can be open for use immediately after service. No residue and no smell remains after service.

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