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365 Day Quantum Antimicrobial Technology Household Coating Service

The coating is able to last 365 days (equivalent to 1 year) and can withstand alcohol sanitizing, normal detergents and bleach. airDefender Quantum Antimicrobial Technology household coating fights viruses and bacteria for you. Users can resume daily cleaning routine once the coating is dried.

The whole work will take 1 hour for household’s size less than 1000 sq.ft. Special mist guns are used to ensure the coating cover 99% of the surface area. The solution is SGS verified to be safe for human and animals.

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Team airDefender’s service was very detailed and professional. They make sure every inch of our flat was covered. We had a puppy and they even helped our puppy to coat their toys.

Mrs. Lowcock, Hong Kong
We just moved into our new flat in Tsueng Kwan O and we had formaldehyde and TVOCs plus COVID problems to worry. airDefender helped us solve this and their worker was very patient and detail-minded.
Mr. Yu, Hong Kong

Formaldehyde Removal & 365-Day Antibacterial Household Coating Service

New paintings and furniture release Formaldehyde which can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, even at low levels for short periods. Longer exposure or higher doses can cause coughing or choking. Severe exposure can cause death from throat swelling or from chemical burns to the lungs.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010, the acceptable level of an indoor air quality guideline for short- and long-term exposures to formaldehyde (FA) is 0.1 mg/m3 (0.08 ppm) for all 30-min periods at lifelong exposure.

Before moving into your new flat, it is important to conduct a formaldehyde removal procedures. One of the quick and efficient way to hire professional company to do it for you.

airDefender 365-Day Quantum Antimicrobial Technology Coating can decompose formaldehyde, harmful organic matters and other TVOCs through airDefender’s patented Quantum Antimicrobial Technology Process. The work procedure is quick and simple and we protect you from harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria 24 hours round the year.

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